Ultra-Thin and Uniform Walls
Enables optimal heat transfer between machine and sample
Free of Contaminants
DNase, RNase, Human DNA, PCR Inhibitors, and Endotoxins free
Non-Reactive Internal Surface
Avoids accidental reactions
Wide Compatibility Range
Multiple compatibility options for common thermocyclers
Multiple Configurations
Multiple size and design options for compatibility
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  • OptiMate PCR/qPCR 96-Well Plates are easy to access and come in convenient packaging.
  • Ultra-thin walls in OptiMate PCR/qPCR Plates enable samples to be efficiently and thoroughly heated, effectively and consistently yielding good results.
  • OptiMate PCR/qPCR Plates are manufactured in highly clean areas and with highly clean plastic to avoid contaminants.
  • Wall thickness is uniform throughout OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes to enable consistent and repeatable results over multiple iterations of use.
  • OptiMate PCR/qPCR Plates are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to allow compatibility with a variety of procedures and thermocyclers.
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SKU Description Volume
OPP-NS2 OPTimate 0.2 mL No Skirt, Standard Profile 96 Well PCR Plates, clear 10 Plates x 10 Packs / Case
OPP-ABI2 OPTimate 0.2 mL Semi-Skirted, Standard Profile 96 Well PCR Plates, clear 10 Plates x 10 Packs / Case
OPP-FST1 OPTimate 0.1 mL Semi-Skirted Low Profile 96 Well qPCR Plates for ABI-Fast Style Instruments, clear 10 Plates x 10 Packs / Case
OPP-LC1 OPTimate 0.1 mL Semi-Skirted, Low Profile 96 Well PCR Plate, clear 10 Plates x 10 Packs / Case
OPP-LW1 OPTimate 0.1 mL Semi-Skirted, Low Profile 96 Well qPCR Plate (LightCycler Compatible), white 10 Plates x 10 Packs / Case

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OptiMate PCR/qPCR plates are the reliable and cost-effective solution for PCR procedures across a variety of applications and thermocyclers. Oxford Lab Products OptiMate PCR 96-well plates offer a highly-reliable option for users that want a consistent PCR/qPCR consumable. The strict quality control process ensures that every plate is judged a very tight standard and that results are consistent across multiple lots.

OptiMate PCR/qPCR 96-well plates are manufactured with a carefully controlled process that ensures uniform plastic thickness across all wells as well as ultra-thin walls to enable high-accuracy sample heating. Furthermore, the careful processes avoid contamination that could otherwise seriously impact sample yields. The molds used for our OptiMate products are carefully refined to ensure that each plate comes out consistently shaped. The manufacturing further ensures that plates are not warped, and have consistent shapes and features that allow for secure sealing.