Centrifuge Tubes (Conical Tubes)

Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips are designed to be the ideal and easy-to-use pipette tip for all customers using Universal-style pipettes. These tips are produced using high-quality plastics, molds, and designs that ensure an optimal pipetting performance!

Micro Centrifuge Tubes

Microcentrifuge Tubes yield the performance and durability needed to work with sample prep, centrifugation, storage, and isolation. Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Microcentrifuge Tubes are made from US FDA approved Virgin Polypropylene to ensure that the tubes are durable enough to withstand the strenuous applications they might endure.

Maxxline Cryotube

Our cryotubes are designed with your sample in mind – we want to make sure your sample is protected, accessible, and securely stored. The most important facet of this is the seal itself, the cap that separates your sample from the rest of the world. Oxford Lab Products Maxxline Cryotubes are engineered with a special sealing system based on the cap design.