Ultra-Thin and Uniform Walls
Enables optimal heat transfer between machine and sample
Free of Contaminants
DNase, RNase, Human DNA, PCR Inhibitors, and Endotoxins free
Non-Reactive Internal Surface
Avoids accidental reactions
Wide Compatibility Range
Multiple compatibility options for common thermocyclers
Multiple Configurations
Multiple size and design options for compatibility
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  • Convenient and Easy-to-Access packaging that includes organized tube strips.
  • Ultra-thin walls allows sample to be efficiently and thoroughly heated, effectively and consistently yielding good results.
  • OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes are manufactured in highly clean areas and with highly clean plastic to avoid contaminants.
  • Wall thickness is uniform throughout OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes to enable consistent and repeatable results over multiple iterations of use.
  • OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes are available with attached caps, separate caps, or as tubes or caps purchased separately.
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SKU Description Volume
OPT-AC2 OPTimate 0.2 mL 8-Strip PCR tubes with Attached Optical Flat Caps 10 Units / Case, 12 Strips x 10 Packs / Unit, 1200 Strips / Case
OPT-RT1 OPTimate 0.1 mL 8-Strip PCR Tubes with Separate Optically-Clear Flat Caps 10 Units / Case. Each Unit contains 10 packs of 12 Tube Strips + 12 Cap Strips
OPT-RTW1 OPTimate 0.1 mL qPCR 8-Strip White PCR Tubes with Optically-clear flat Caps 10 Units / Case. Each Unit contains 10 packs of 12 Tube Strips + 12 Cap Strips
OPT-RT1-T 8-Strip qPCR Tubes - 0.1mL without Caps 10 Units / Case, 10 Packs/Unit
OPT-RTW1-T 8-Strip qPCR Tubes - 0.1mL White Tubes without Caps 10 Units / Case, 10 Packs/Unit
OPT-OC 8-Strip PCR/qPCR Tube Caps - Optical Caps. For use with OPT-RT1, OPT-RT1-T, OPT-RTW1, OPT-RTW1-T 10 Units / Case, 10 Packs/Unit, 12 Strips / Pack

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OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes are designed to be the reliable and high-performing consumables needed to optimize your PCR/qPCR procedures. Our PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes are designed with the specific needs of the user in mind – taking special care to maximize the yield of the thermocycler interaction. The plastic molding takes into account the need for ultra-thin walls to make sure that samples are effectively and efficiently heated and cooled. Likewise, the molds are finely refined to ensure that the thickness of the plastic is uniform at all points, so that samples are consistently heated and the yield remains repeatable across all tubes and across future uses.

Plastics must be low-risk and high confidence, so OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes are carefully manufactured to ensure that contamination can be avoided. The quality process ensures that products avoid common contaminants. The plastic in OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes is carefully chose and processed to further avoid any contamination. Finally, the packaging is carefully limited to small amounts of tubes so that users can open small amounts of tubes and avoid exposing their full inventory of tubes to possible contamination.