BenchMate C8-M Micro Centrifuge

Quick-Spin Feature
C8-M starts to spin as soon as lid is closed
Tool-free Rotor Exchange
Patented technology allows users to quickly change rotors without needing tools.
Electric brake
Quickly stop the device once the lid is opened
Quick run feature
To save time
Fixed speed
6,000 RPM/2,000 x g
Drain hole
To easily and safely clean device
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  • The Magnetic Rotor Attachment System allows you to easily swap either PCR or Microcentrifuge Tube Rotors.

  • The closed rotor system keeps dust out and prevents noisy operation.

  • Bottom drain allows users to easily clean up spills and regularly clean devices.

  • Low Noise Operation – at full speed operation, the device outputs fewer than 55 decibels.

  • It can be used in hoods, cold rooms, or benchtops because of its small footprint.

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Motor Type Brush DC motor
Rotor Capacity 8x1.5/2ml Tuberotor & 2 Place PCR Strip Rotor
Speed 6000 RPM
2000xg (MAX RCF)
Speed Accuracy ‡ 3000 RPM
Size(WXDXH) 162X157x116 mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Input Voltage 24V - 0.4 A
power consumption 10 W

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The BenchMate C8-M makes quick spins even easier than they have ever been. The device itself is compact and convenient, making it easy to operate and fit on your benchtop. The pop-up lid opens compactly on a hinge and provides easy access to load and unload samples. Furthermore, the rotor itself is angled to maximise space in the centrifuge. The BenchMate C8-M Microcentrifuge is operated by closing or opening the lid. Once the device is on, closing the lid starts the spin, and opening the lid ends the spin. The Electronic Safety Brake ensures that centrifugal motion is stopped almost immediately after the lid is opened, protecting users from any moving parts.

Furthermore, each Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C8-M Microcentrifuge is shipped with two rotors: a microcentrifuge tube rotor and a PCR tube rotor. These are easily interchangeable due to the magnetic attachment system. The rotor base features a secure magnetic attachment that allows users to conveniently change out the two rotors without needing to screw or unscrew the currently attached rotor.