Oxford Lab Products Warranty Policy

Oxford Lab Products Warranty Policy


Oxford Lab Products is focused on providing customer satisfaction. We believe that customers should receive product that they are satisfied with and in a format that they expect. Our below warranty policy reflects the idea that we want to provide a high standard of quality to our customers. For any questions not answered by the below policy, please reach out to info@oxfordlp.com.

Limited Warranty Terms

1. Pipettes: 5 Years

2. Electronic Pipettes: 3 Years

3. Equipment: 3 Years

Oxford Lab Products warranty serves to provide customers with equipment and devices that live up to the expected standard for their intended lifetime and longer. This warranty is not intended to cover excess wear and tear, shipping damage, misuse, abuse, accidents or usage outside of the guidelines listed in the user manual. Product warranty and warranty claims will be subject to validation and inspection by the Oxford Lab Products team prior to any resolution. When a warranty claim is submitted, Oxford Lab Products may offer to resolve the claim with a repair, replacement, or offer to refund for the device (pending on additional agreement by the distributor that the device was purchased from) if neither repair or replacement is possible.

Oxford Lab Products may choose to replacements or repair to customers that submit a warranty claim for products no longer covered by the limited warranty terms. This is not a guarantee under the warranty terms.
Products must be registered to qualify for the warranty program, prior to receiving any warranty support.

A. Defective Items

Any defects must be reported within 7 days of item being received by the customer. Defective items must be reported prior to any return or replacement.

B. Damage in Transit

a. Oxford Lab Products is not responsible for damage induced during transit by the shipment carrier.

b. Please contact the distributor the product was directly purchased from and the shipment carrier to submit a claim.

C. Special Orders/Customer Orders

a. A warranty claim can be submitted if there is a defect with the product. Any issues not directly related to a factory defect may not be covered under this warranty.

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