Magnetic Piston System
Internal Magnets guide user for added precision
Lightweight Body
Light materials and design optimize ergonomic design
Volume Lock
Secure volume lock prevents accidental volume lock
Very Light and Smooth Plunger
Minimal plunging force optimizes user precision
Spring-Loaded Tip Cone
Reduces force needed to achieve effective tip attachment
Fully Autoclavable
Entire pipette can be autoclaved for easy cleaning
O-Ring Equipped Multichannel Tips
O-Ring designs enables easier and more secure tip attachment
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  • Modern, lightweight materials enable a durable design without burdening the user. The Oxford BenchMate Plus pipette offers a very lightweight body.
  • The Oxford BenchMate Plus is designed with the classic BenchMate pipette body and additionally equipped with a smooth and round fingerhook. The classic, yet modern, design delivers an incredibly ergonomic experience.
  • An internal magnetic system and smooth plunger design yield an incredibly soft and smooth plunger force that allows users to easily find the first and second stop. This system yields a higher precision based on the user technique rather than just mechanical specifications.
  • Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipettes are color-coded according to their size range, making it easy to identify the pipette size, even from a distance.
  • The new Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette volume lock design features an easy tab that only requires a flip from side-to-side to lock or unlock the volume adjustment.
  • Oxford Benchmate Plus Multichannel Pipettes feature an O-ring installed onto the tip cones, making it easier for users to effectively attach pipette tips without needing excessive force. The O-Rings also enable more secure attachment vs regular tip cones.
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SKU Description Volume
OBP-2.5 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 0.1-2.5 µl 0.1-2.5 µl
OBP-10 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 0.5-10 µl 0.5-10 µl
OBP-20 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 2-20 µl 2-20 µl
OBP-50 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 5-50 µl 5-50 µl
OBP-100 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 10-100 µl 10-100 µl
OBP-200 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 20-200 µl 20-200 µl
OBP-1000 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 100-1000 µl 100-1000 µl
OBP-5000 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 500-5000 µl 500-5000 µl
OBP-10000 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette 1000-10000 µl 1000-10000 µl
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SKU Description Volume
OBP8-10 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 8-channel, 0.5-10 µl 0.5-10 µl
OBP8-20 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 8-channel, 2-20 µl 2-20 µl
OBP8-50 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 8-channel, 5-50 µl 5-50 µl
OBP8-100 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 8-channel, 10-100 µl 10-100 µl
OBP8-200 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 8-channel, 20-200 µl 20-200 µl
OBP8-300 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 8-channel, 30-300 µl 30-300 µl
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SKU Description Volume
OBP12-10 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 12-channel, 0.5-10 µl 0.5-10 µl
OBP12-20 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 12-channel, 2-20 µl 2-20 µl
OBP12-50 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 12-channel, 5-50 µl 5-50 µl
OBP12-100 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 12-channel, 10-100 µl 10-100 µl
OBP12-200 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 12-channel, 20-200 µl 20-200 µl
OBP12-300 Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette, 12-channel, 30-300 µl 30-300 µl

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The Oxford BenchMate Plus Pipette offers all the tangibles and intangibles needed to be a premium pipette. Mechanically, the BenchMate Plus is made with durable and comfortable plastics that offer an easy grip for the user, a lightweight experience for ergonomics, and a resistance to chemical or physical damage. Inside, all pieces are finely honed and designed to be incredibly smooth and fit perfectly, creating a premium fit and long-lasting product life. This incredible care and design is obvious when using the BenchMate Plus, particularly in the smooth plunger with minimal piston forces.

Above all mechanical specifications, the Oxford BenchMate Plus offers a highly ergonomic experience that enables uses to be accurate and precise beyond the simple hardware limitations. The internal magnet system and minimal piston force enables users to maintain consistent and repetitive plunging motions, thus affording advanced precision beyond the mechanical specifications. Furthermore, the Oxford BenchMate Plus ergonomic design means that users can feel comfortable and relaxed for longer, avoiding stress injuries and variability.