Benchmate C1216V Microcentrifuge

Brushless DC motor
Brushless Motors require little-to-no maintenance
Lid-lock safety feature
Lid remains shut until operation is complete
Fixed Speed
Up to 5500 RPM Speed.
Smart airflow design
Advanced airflow keeps temperature controlled and consistent
Centrifugation starts as soon as lid is closed - ideal for quick-spins
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  • Ideal for a variety of lab applications including microfiltration, cell separation, sedimentation, and spin-down applications.
  • An Electronic Safety Brake decelerates quickly and protects the user.
  • 12 x 1.5mL/2.0mL Microcentrifuge Tubes and 4 x PCR Strips in a Combi-Rotor (8 x 0.2mL Tubes) capacity
  • The imbalance detection feature automatically stops operation when the device detects an imbalance.
  • Safer low-voltage (24V) device with a universal power supply.
  • Designed to be compact – 270 x 190 x 120 mm.
  • Quickly accelerates and deccelerates.
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Motor Type Brush DC motor
Rotor Capacity 12x1.5/2ml MCT & 4x8x0.2ml PCR strip
Speed 5500 RPM
Acceleration Time 10 ‡ 3 seconds
Deceleration Time 05 seconds
Time Infinite mode
Size(WXDXH) 270x190x120 mm
Weight 2.1 kg (with rotor)

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The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C1216V offers a quick and easy microcentrifuge application for quick spins and diverse fit. The C1216V spins at 5500 rpm when at full speed, and quickly accelerates to full speed when a run is started. The speed is fixed, and the microcentrifuge will start spinning as soon as the lid is closed. The current run can be halted by pressing the “STOP/OPEN LID” button. Despite the quick acceleration, and deceleration, the Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C1216V Microcentrifuge is a low voltage power consumption device. It also offers a very small footprint (270 x 190 x 120 mm).

Apart from being compact, powerful, and efficient, the Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C1216V also focuses on convenience and safety. Operation is smooth, silent, and discreet due to careful engineering. The device is nearly silent during operation and maintains a consistent temperature. The rotor features an electronic safety brake to prevent any moving parts from affecting the user once the lid is opened.