Your goals are our focus.

General English

Needs-driven courses that are tailored to the learner. Dynamic lessons delivered by passionate tutors. We will do our utmost to engage you in your language pursuits and enable you to move forward with your English.

Business English

Bespoke tutoring combining our business background with our English language teaching expertise. Become a decisive, listened-to communicator. Fast-track your future international career.

Exam English

Strategy-based courses for IELTS, FCE, CAE and Linguaskill Business exams and others. We cover the language needed but most importantly the exam skills necessary for success.

Courses Offered

Some of our learners have a professional focus. For others it is the wish to communicate socially with family and friends. Others still have the task of passing an examination. At OLP, no goal is more important than any other. We cater to all ages and levels of learners from beginners to proficient users.

The key to our success is founded on a clear comprehension of our learners’ needs and expectations. All learners undergo a series of comprehensive appraisals in advance of their course, allowing for the design of an individually tailored language course. Progress is measured regularly and emphasis placed on improvements in disciplines requiring attention.