2. Neil McCutcheon – Task-Based Learning

On this episode, our guest is Neil McCutcheon, and we discuss the importance of Task-Based Learning in the language classroom and Neil’s book, “Activities for Task-Based Learning”. Neil has been a teacher and teacher trainer for 30 years. As well as being the co-author of “Activities for Task-Based Learning” in conjunction with Neil Anderson, he presents regularly at conferences and is in the process of opening a new UK centre for face to face and online teacher-training.

You can learn more about what both Neils do on their blog at http://www.fluencyfirstelt.blog or via Neil McCutcheon’s Twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/NeilJMcCutcheon and Neil Anderson’s Twitter page at https://twitter.com/neilpma74. You can buy “Activities for Task-Based Learning” at http://www.bebc.co.uk/activities-for-task-based-learning.

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