Be confident. Be heard.

Language Learners

Speaking in public is a daunting task, especially in a second language. Learn how to maximise the English you have and succeed in all aspects of spoken performance.

Native Speakers

Topic knowledge is not the only requirement for a great presentation, debate or workshop. Add the necessary non-verbal communication skills to your repertoire.

Language Teachers

We also deliver workshops on teaching spoken performance to help teachers better enable their learners to become more confident and proficient users of English.

Courses Offered

Our courses prioritise the non-verbal communication skills that deliver success such as intonation, pausing, stress placement and body language. Through these skills you will be able to speak in public with power and confidence whilst engaging your audience.

Public speaking or what we like to call “spoken performance” covers a wide variety of scenarios. We have worked with learners in areas including presentations, debates, workshops, negotiations, speeches, city tours, sales pitches and more.