Empowering you to communicate confidently and competently

Our Passion

Language and performance. Our fundamental belief is that language can empower you to achieve more by unlocking the performance within your language.

Our Expertise

Communication, power of voice and body language. We are experts in the performative side of language and communication. We have the tools that will enable you to excel.

Our Promise

Not to be beaten on quality of teaching and overall service. A meaningful, highly-personalised and communicative experience from start to finish.

Learner Testimonials

“We discussed how helpful the course was and how rare it is to find one that can offer us with fully customized lessons to perfectly fit our needs. ” – Miyuki and Tak, Japan

“I really appreciated this class that gave me much more than English skills, but life skills that I will use in the future” – Eduardo, Brazil

“Coaching made me improve my English a lot, from Listening (the most difficult part of the exam) to Use of English” – Símon, Argentina

“Patient, well prepared, open-minded and brave” – Julia, Hungary

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